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Bowling Green, Ohio and looking for a great guy that is also a dog lover?. Than you should meet (me) Jason Lake. Although I am not from Bowling Green, Ohio, I am from the beautiful state of Oregon. At 44 years of age I am ready to try to meet that special someone. My entire life I have always heard that there is somebody for everyone. That might just be true, however I also think that our person may not live in our immediate area so I created this website to reach out to the 7 billion and in Bowling Green, Ohio? So if you are a dog enthusiast or even a fellow dog trainer and you live in Bowling Green, Ohio.

I have many passions in my life outside of dog training . I absolutely love photography , it allows me to reach out and touch the world around me. Besides photography I also enjoy taking road trips and visiting unknown places. I have to admit I’ve never been to Bowling Green, Ohio but I would be honored to one day have the opportunity to visit Bowling Green, Ohio and learn why you might call it home.

When I’m not busy running my dog training business or training for my next Schutzhund trial I’m busy teaching a. 4H club. I am surprised when I hear people say they have never heard of dog 4H, in fact you might have a club in your hometown of Bowling Green, Ohio. 4H allows me to fill that void of the absence of having my own children, although people say that my dogs are my children I strongly disagree. If you are a professional dog trainer I would definitely encourage you to see if there is a 4-H program in Bowling Green, Ohio as they always need volunteers and people to help the kids with their dogs.

Do you have family in Bowling Green, Ohio? I am very fortunate as most of my family lives in my hometown of Medford Oregon. I am the youngest adopted son of four children.

Although I would not be opposed to visiting Bowling Green, Ohio? It would be an honor to share my dream of owning a training and possibly boarding facility here in the beautiful state of Oregon with somebody special.

Thank you so much for stopping by, I would love to hear more about yourself and your hometown of Bowling Green, Ohio? If you are looking for a great guy and a reason to leave Bowling Green, Ohio.

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