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About Jason Lake

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About Jason Lake

Welcome to a website created to introduce myself (Jason Lake) to the world in hopes of meeting true love, opening more doors or maybe just inspiring others. About Jason Lake, Genetics: Genetics can either help you or hinder you when looking to meet that special someone. In my case genetics did not make me 6’3, Italian with a chiseled sculptured face with rippling muscles and an accent worthy of Sean Connery. However, genetics did give me babe blue eyes, a great smile, great hair and a medium physique.


What Genetics did not gift me, life made up for it. Life has taught me to look at the glass half full. Life has also taught me to look first at the heart of a person and not be too quick to judge. I have also learned that there is great beauty in life and that the true beauty in life is the power of loving another human being.


If we admit it or not we are all searching for some thing. If you’re reading this then obviously you’re searching for some thing that has been missing from your life, whether that be friendship, romance or physical company. I personally believe there’s nothing wrong with searching and there is no shame no matter where that search brings you.

My Search:

I am often asked what it is that I am searching for and honestly that is not a easy question to answer without writing a book. In short I am looking for my last first date, I am looking for a friendship on fire, I am looking for someone that will laugh with me until the neighbors call the police or it hurts to breath. I am looking for someone that understands the power of forgiveness and that excepts that we are all screwed up people trying to make it in a screwed up world.

What’s Important To Me:

My friends would say I have the unique ability to see the good in all of those around me. I believe that we are all capable of great things and all capable of loving each other, there are certain things that I do not want in my life. I do not want someone who is quick to judge. I am not looking for someone who is quick to anger and does not respect those around them. I will not yell, put down, cuss or be little anyone especially those who I allow into my heart and for this I long for the same in return. I have spent a majority of my adult life and the pursuit I perfection and my hobbies and my jobs so it’s important I also find someone who is motivated and Is wanting to move forward. The Chinese have a saying they say “running water never become stagnant”. I have tried to live my life by this motto.

In Closing:

If you have made it this far I commend you and ask you to read just a little bit further.

If you haven’t noticed by now I have a great sense of humor. Besides my humor I am also known for my work with dogs. I am the owner of a local dog training business, I am have the privilege of working with local kids and their dogs through the 4-H program. Besides a business owner I am also a proud home owner and yes I on my own vehicle.

I am often asked why I am single, I have many great qualities but there is also a big elephant in the room. I am in a wheelchair. This weeds out almost 90% of the people that would be interested in getting to know me. I’m not bitter about this is just a fact of life and I cannot change it I can only except it. So if you think you can fall in that 10%, take a chance say hello, I guarantee you you will meet someone that it’s truly amazing and has been overlooked by so many, I guess you could say “I am a diamond in the rough”.

Thank you for reading my novel :-) and look forward to hearing from you.