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Do you live in Lawrence and dog lover?

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Do you live in Lawrence? Feeling weary of depending on online dating platforms like Tinder, POF, Eharmony, Match, Zoosk, FriendFinder, Bumble, Hinge, OkCupid to find someone special? Perhaps I could be the answer you've been seeking.

Are you a resident of Lawrence, I am from the beautiful state of Oregon. At 47 years of age I am ready to try to meet that special someone. My entire life I have always heard that there is somebody for everyone. That might just be true, however I also think that our person may not live in our immediate area so I created this website to reach out to the 7 billion and in Lawrence? So if you are a dog enthusiast or even a fellow dog trainer and you live in Lawrencehe hails from the picturesque state of Oregon. At 47 years of age, Jason is ready to embark on a journey to find that special someone who could be you. In this article, we'll explore the life and passions of Jason Lake, a dedicated dog trainer, photographer, and a man on a mission to connect with kindred spirits in Lawrence but I would be honored to one day have the opportunity to visit Lawrence and learn why you might call it home.

When I’m not busy running my dog training business or training for my next Schutzhund trial I’m busy teaching a. 4H club. I am surprised when I hear people say they have never heard of dog 4H, in fact you might have a club in your hometown of Lawrence. If you're in Lawrence as they always need volunteers and people to help the kids with their dogs.

Do you have family in Lawrence, he's curious to learn what makes it special and what you call "home."

The Multifaceted Life of Jason Lake

When Jason isn't occupied with running his dog training business or preparing for his next Schutzhund trial, he dedicates his time to teaching a 4-H club. You might be surprised if you've never heard of dog 4-H, but you might even find a club in Lawrence. They always welcome volunteers and individuals willing to assist kids in their journey with their dogs.

Family Ties

If you have family in Lawrence? If you are looking for a great guy and a reason to leave Lawrence. I would love to hear from you please for free to drop me an email or looking me up on Facebook by clicking on the link belowhis heart remains in the beautiful state of Oregon. He dreams of owning a training and possibly boarding facility in the breathtaking state of Oregon, and he envisions sharing this dream with someone special.

Get in Touch

Jason Lake is eager to learn more about you, you've already discovered that he's from the beautiful state of Oregon. If you'd like to connect, feel free to drop him an email or look him up on Facebook by clicking on the link below. This could be the start of something truly wonderful. So, are you ready to embark on a journey of connection and adventure? Jason Lake is waiting to hear from you. Don't miss this opportunity to discover a world of shared passions and dreams in the company of a dog lover, photographer, and a man with a heart full of adventure.